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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mkito Mpya | A_man Feat. Terrado - Bize na kazi

Rapper chipukizi A_man ameachia ngoma mpya Bize na kazi akimshirikisha Terrado.Bofya hapa kuisikiliza.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Matokeo ya Kidato cha Pili na Darasa la Nne 2016

BREAKING NEWS : Matokeo ya Upimaji wa Kitaifa wa Kidato cha Pili (FTNA) 2016 na Matokeo ya Upimaji wa Kitaifa wa Darasa la Nne (SFNA) 2016 Yametangazwa Rasmi.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ditto releases video of his hit track “MOYO SUKUMA DAMU”

Singer and songwriter, Lameck Ditto has released video of his hit song, Moyo Sukuma Damu following rave reviews of the song within the music fraternity.
Moyo Sukuma Damu, is Ditto’s new song after almost 5 years of his silence, and since its release, approximately one month ago, the song has topped various charts of radio stations.
Moyo Sukuma Damu is composed by Lameck Ditto himself and produced by Emma the Boy of Epiq Studios based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
The released video, directed by Traveller of Kwetu Studios, is set to achieve massive appeal based on the concept as well as level of detail focused on the project.
Shot in Dar es Salaam, the video will showcase the lifestyle and appeal of the city as a frontier market for music and tourism.
Speaking of the release of his video, the talented and well-versed Lameck Ditto said ‘I want to give my fans something they will enjoy to watch as they have enjoyed listening by taking a unique approach to the shootig of the video’.
Instagram: @lameckditto
Twitter @lameckditto
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mkito Mpya | Unique Guys-Apple

Bofya HAPA kupakua wimbo wa kundi chipukizi kwa jina "Unique Guys" na ngoma yao Bongo Flava Category kwa jina "Apple" na kwa mahojiano/mawasilano zaidi check nao kwa nambari +255 752 607 998 powered by @vmgafrica @mkitodotcom  @defxtro #vmgafrica #SupportYourOwn
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Mkito Mpya | John Rodgers-Mama (SheddyClever)

Bofya HAPA kupakua wimbo wa John Rodgers kwa jina "MAMA"  ikiwa ni mkono toka kwa sheddyclever na kwa mawasiliano/mahojiano zaidi check na @johnrodgerz kwa nambari +255 686 276 890 powered by @vmgafrica @mkitodotcom  @defxtro #vmgafrica #SupportYourOwn
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Mkito Mpya | RG Unit-Fly (Mix.Noiz)

Bofya HAPA  kupakua wimbo wa "RG UNIT" kwa jina "FLY" na kwa mahojiano/mawasilano zaidi check nao kwa nambari +255 762 646 524 au +255 762 238 525 powered by @vmgafrica @mkitodotcom  @defxtro #vmgafrica #SupportYourOwn
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Mkito Mpya | S2TF - Nielewe (Produced By Wiz Cassa)


Hellow Africa...Tuna furaha ya kukutambulisha Wimbo mpya kutoka kwa S2TF Africa (Straight 2 The Future)
Artist - S2TF
Song - Nielewe
Producer - Wiz Cassa (Tanzanian)
Nielewe ni Afro pop Song

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Mkito Mpya | Never Ever - Vanessa Mdee

Huu ni wimbo mpya wa Vanessa Mdee NEVER EVER,Vanessa ni mshindi wa tuzo ya AFRIMMA, Best Female Artist.Video ya wimbo huu inachezwa katika vituo mbalimbali vya TV kama TRACE .

Shusha mzigo hapa >
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mkito Mpya | Bonie-Norini + Ngina

Bofya HAPA kupakua "NGINA" wa Bonie na HAPA kupakua "NORINI" kwa mahojiano/mawasilano zaidi check na Bonie kwa nambari +255 754 422 764 powered by @vmgafrica @mkitodotcom  @defxtro #vmgafrica #SupportYourOwn
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New Video : Amer the maker Feat. Don Paul & Peter msechu : BACHELOR

Artist: Amer the maker ft Don Paul & Peter msechu
Video Link:
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